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It occurred to me today that I would benefit from taking time to nurture my progress.  Picture a baby taking its first step.  Look a few feet in front of that baby.  You will usually see a proud parent or relative extending their arms out, smiling and clapping with warm enthusiasm. This attention makes the baby want to walk some more.

As we get older, it can be easy to forget that when we do something new or scary, we need that kind of encouragement.  If we are not getting it from the people in our lives, we have to give it to ourselves.

I have not always been good at giving myself a hand after I have accomplished something. I would often work toward a goal and then once I had achieved it, I was on to the next.  This isn’t the most satisfactory way to enjoy life.

After performing at the festival the other day, I was ready to move on but another blogger asked me to write a piece about how it felt to have achieved my goal and walk through my fear (I will post that one soon).  As I wrote the piece, I was able to take a moment and remember how good it felt to perform–to do the thing that I had desired to do for so long and bask in it. That made me think that it is important to stop and celebrate our accomplishments.  Take a moment to remember how good it feels to achieve the goal you have longed for.  Let that feeling sink inside of you and become a part of the new you that you are creating.  You are that baby taking her first step and you deserve some applause.  Yaaayyyy!!!!! :-))

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2 Responses to Celebrate!

  1. Joe Novara says:

    I can’t agree more Erin. When some one else performs a great accomplishment, I yell at them to “CELEBRATE”!!!!
    However, if I am the individual reaching goals or accomplishing good things (I’m not at great yet), I quickly move on in and start working on the next. Sometimes we need to stop and take a look at what we’ve accomplished. That doesn’t mean stop and take a 10 year look at it, but even a couple of hours has to mean something. Right?

    • PixieGrowsUp says:

      Absolutely Joe! Maybe after we accomplish something, we have to pretend to be a good friend for a moment and give ourselves the OK to celebrate and have some fun. Thanks for the comment!

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