Singing My Way From Fear To Fun

Singing My Way From Fear To Fun

Photo © 2013 Jim Metzger

Check it out!  I was asked by Patty Chang Anker, author of “Some Nerve: Lessons Learned While Becoming Brave,” to write this piece for her blog:

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14 Responses to Singing My Way From Fear To Fun

  1. Keith Hughes says:

    Nice work, Erin! I’ve seen you come a long way and you were great at TMTTR!

  2. Sarah says:

    What a great peek inside what it’s like to perform!!! I think you really hit on what making music (and fun) is all about…thanks for sharing!!

  3. C Meachen says:

    I learned when taking flying lessons that bravery got me in the plane, willing to learn; and, the thing I felt once I landed was courage. Courage lead to more bravery and a virtuous cycle lead to my pilots license. (Courage feels as good as sex, but the after glow lasts for DAYS.)

    • PixieGrowsUp says:

      Hi C,

      That is so cool that you got your pilot’s license! Thank you for your comment! I agree about the courage/sex equivalent! I feel that way about writing songs too. There is almost nothing better than being in the flow of creating a song and then giving birth to it. Maybe that process is about courage too so it goes back to your theory.

  4. Yolanda Ledet says:

    Hi Cuz,
    Congratulations on stepping out and following your dream. I look forward to seeing you perform in person. Lots of Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Suzanne Rust says:

    So glad that you are conquering your fears and sharing your gifts with the world! Keep it up!

  6. Russ Murray says:

    Great story, using a great (closet) musician to illustrate what can be accomplished by becoming brave!

  7. Laura Last says:

    Erin, thanks so much for being a great power of example of walking through fear towards joy! It was great to see and hear you at TMTTR — I especially loved your song “You Bought Your Man”!

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