September 1st – Original Song and Video

Photo By Erin Rabitcheff

Photo By Erin Rabitcheff

On September 1, 2012, my two boys said goodbye to their beloved dad who left for a one year assignment in Afghanistan.  September 1st is the song we wrote together about how they coped while their dad was missing from their lives.   The song is a story of hope, courage, love and forgiveness.

Please share the link with everyone you know.  The making of the song and the video was a healing experience for us, and I believe it can offer hope for those suffering with the pain of separation from their families or those experiencing grief.



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4 Responses to September 1st – Original Song and Video

  1. Karen says:

    What a moving video, through the lens of a child. And what a lovely tribute to Dad!

  2. Joe Novara says:

    Hey Erin,

    I don’t know why this is the 1st time I’m seeing this. That was great. Very moving.



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