“September 1st” now available on iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby!

I am so excited to report that “September 1st” – the song that I wrote with my sons about how they coped when their dad left for Afghanistan – is now available for download!

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Photo By Erin Rabitcheff

Photo By Erin Rabitcheff

September 1st is a gutsy, blues-rock tribute (with a haunting slide guitar), honestly delivered in the words of two young boys, to their father who left for a one year assignment in Afghanistan. Singer-Songwriter, and mother to the boys, Erin Rabitcheff, hoped the song could give voice to the powerful feelings her sons would have while their father was away. The song is a story of hope, love, courage and forgiveness.

The lyrics, which Rabitcheff wrote with her kids, do not mince words. Recording the music, and making the video, was a way for her to honor the challenges that many children (of employees from military, business, government, and non-profit organizations) face each year when their mothers or fathers are deployed abroad to serve their country; leaving their families behind…some temporarily and some not.

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2 Responses to “September 1st” now available on iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby!

  1. Josie Cooke says:

    Erin’s life has inspired her song writing to make all her songs so touching and insightful. This song is no different. I look forward to a time when Erin’s career matches her abilities as more and more people are touched by her music. This song also expresses her love, understanding and care of her two boys. – Josie C.

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