September 1st – Original Song and Video

Photo By Erin Rabitcheff

Photo By Erin Rabitcheff

On September 1, 2012, my two boys said goodbye to their beloved dad who left for a one year assignment in Afghanistan.  September 1st is the song we wrote together about how they coped while their dad was missing from their lives.   The song is a story of hope, courage, love and forgiveness.

Please share the link with everyone you know.  The making of the song and the video was a healing experience for us, and I believe it can offer hope for those suffering with the pain of separation from their families or those experiencing grief.



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Photos from Performance at An Beal Bocht on 11/24/13


I had a great time at the gig on Sunday night with backup singers (see photo below) Karina Yanku and Kristina Latour, and lead guitarist Mike Muller.  Thanks to everyone who came out and everyone who was there in spirit, as well as some new fans who’ve joined our mailing list!






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Performance at An Beal Bocht Cafe

An Beal Bocht is a mini home away from home for me. I’ve been attending the open mic there for several months and have met some very nice people. I am excited about my first Singer Songwriter Session there tonight.


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My Version of “Yellow” by Coldplay

PixieGrowsUp photo - Yellow

I love Coldplay.  Doing a cover version of Yellow is a little obvious but I was playing a few songs and had fun doing this one so here it is. Hope you like it.  If you do, please comment below or share the link with your friends.

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Singing My Way From Fear To Fun

Singing My Way From Fear To Fun

Photo © 2013 Jim Metzger

Check it out!  I was asked by Patty Chang Anker, author of “Some Nerve: Lessons Learned While Becoming Brave,” to write this piece for her blog:

Please add a comment below, share the link with friends or on facebook.

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Intro,ErinShopt copyphoto by Elizabeth Hiden

It occurred to me today that I would benefit from taking time to nurture my progress.  Picture a baby taking its first step.  Look a few feet in front of that baby.  You will usually see a proud parent or relative extending their arms out, smiling and clapping with warm enthusiasm. This attention makes the baby want to walk some more.

As we get older, it can be easy to forget that when we do something new or scary, we need that kind of encouragement.  If we are not getting it from the people in our lives, we have to give it to ourselves.

I have not always been good at giving myself a hand after I have accomplished something. I would often work toward a goal and then once I had achieved it, I was on to the next.  This isn’t the most satisfactory way to enjoy life.

After performing at the festival the other day, I was ready to move on but another blogger asked me to write a piece about how it felt to have achieved my goal and walk through my fear (I will post that one soon).  As I wrote the piece, I was able to take a moment and remember how good it felt to perform–to do the thing that I had desired to do for so long and bask in it. That made me think that it is important to stop and celebrate our accomplishments.  Take a moment to remember how good it feels to achieve the goal you have longed for.  Let that feeling sink inside of you and become a part of the new you that you are creating.  You are that baby taking her first step and you deserve some applause.  Yaaayyyy!!!!! :-))

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Take Me To The River! It’s about time…

Tomorrow at 1:30 PM I will jump into the water of the Solar Stage at the Take Me To The River! Music Festival in Draper Park, Hastings-On-Hudson, NY and it’s about time.  This is an act of tremendous courage for me and I hope that it inspires you to “Dare Greatly…” as the author, Brene Brown says.  I had been a closet singer/songwriter for too long.  I would write song after song after song and basically keep them for myself.  I wanted to share my songs but then my fears would usurp my desire to let them out into the universe.  However, it became too painful to keep them in an invisible vault and so, one decision at a time, I shared them with individuals. I went to open mics. I practiced. I wrote more songs. I asked musicians to join me. I asked if there might be a spot for me at Take Me To The River! and I was told, YES!  As time went on, and I began to prepare for the performance, there was a moment where I imagined faking a broken arm.  However, I kept moving forward, one decision at a time.  I talked to my friends about my fears and I kept taking action.  I didn’t want to go back to keeping my songs in a closet.  I am doing everything differently.  I actually invited people to come and hear me.  I have three musicians backing me up and they are all wonderful people.  At this moment, I feel more excited than terrified.  That could change at a moment’s notice but I could also make a decision to be in that moment and the terror could also leave.  Being courageous doesn’t have to happen in one heroic event that is twittered all over the world.  Being courageous can happen quietly with one decision, and one after that, and one after that.

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